The Story Behind Backpacks

While most bags are as much a practical means to carry stuff around as they are instruments of accessorizing, there are classic bags that mostly stay aloft of the limelight and remain indispensable tools that carry your stuff for you, like backpacks for instance. These bags are useful, have their own value as fashionable items, and through sheer usefulness alone have earned their right to be part of our everyday lives.

There’s more to the usefulness of backpacks than meets the eye. Like any other tool that affords us convenience and ease, there are scientifically backed mechanisms behind our favorite packs that enable them to provide maximum support for heavy loads we can’t simply lug around. You don’t just stitch a bag and some straps together and voila-you have a backpack! The strength of the materials used plus the straps involved are all factors that contribute to just how useful a backpack can be.

To illustrate the science behind the packs: a backpack is more useful than a hand carried bag for carrying heavy stuff over a certain period of time because the hands aren’t strong enough nor are they intended for that purpose. A backpack usually has two shoulder straps but packs Best Gym Backpacks with Shoe designed for lighter loads often use just one strap, normally worn diagonally across the body. Ever seen those more heavy duty packs with straps securing them to the waist? These packs can haul a lot of weight because those straps that secure them to the waist transfers about 90% of the load’s weight onto the hips and the straps on the shoulders serve mainly to balance the weight. The hips are naturally stronger than the shoulders. Other packs that have metal frames can carry even greater weights.

Okay, so backpacks are pretty neat mechanisms designed to haul heavy loads across distances. But beyond that, they can also be trendy. A backpack that matches the color of what you’re wearing can easily complement your fashion style. Though you probably won’t see a backpack being modeled on the ramp, many would agree that a backpack worn a specific way or with specific clothing in particular seasons can be quite trendy.

Backpacks can add to the attitude of the person carrying it as much as accessories can add to the over-all fashion sense of whoever’s wearing them. A backpack can complement an image you want to portray. Of course, there are other more fashionable ways to do these things, but none are as practical and handy as a backpack.

Packs-whether you call them rucksacks or knapsacks or whatever-are here to stay. They are part and parcel of how we live our daily lives. Perhaps this is one more value of backpacks that make them worth buying. Aside from practicality and slightly stylistic aspects, a backpack is simply quite useful. They’re versatile and extremely portable, and they also come in aesthetically pleasing designs. You can even have one personalized by having your name or other print of choice custom printed on it. Likewise, you can give a customized backpack to a friend or loved one on a special occasion.

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