The Need For Worship Encounters

This week I watched an old king movie with 5 tribe and clan leaders fighting for the throne of the king in that kingdom, some were legitimate others were not but what got me thinking is that a lot of the troubles, challenges and problems depicted in the movie are pretty much still being faced in today society.

Walk in the streets of your city, area, neighbourhood and look at the faces of the people. Those faces tell you a lot of things, challenges, problems, many are in pain, sickness, setbacks, marital problems, uncertainty, anger, family troubles, and career challenges and there is a lot of uncertainty as well. Hinos de Adoração All these things are carried by the people and some have learnt how to control themselves, some are stung beyond repair, some are just hanging and others have just given up.

Others blame God, others will tell you they are reaping the mistakes of their lives and many others are just clueless and in this all. This is the exact state of the people that walk into our conference, churches, open air crusade, meetings, into our worship services and they leave the same as they entered. The one place where they thought they would get help they did not get it.

“The heavens declare his righteousness, and all the people see his glory”, Psalms 97:6. Could we change this scripture and say I declare his righteousness and all the people see His glory in my life. May we turn our conference, churches, open air crusade and meetings into worship encounters? Places of refuge and place of comfort, where we worship and He inhabits in our praises.

No one has the answers to life except the maker of the life, people are looking for solutions and answers worldwide and the some of the people’s answers are reading this exact article, YOU. Let’s not just sing songs, play instruments and just rush through our worship. May our worship saturate our lives and churches and meetings that when people come all their troubles and worries, all those melt in His presence, bringing people to his feet and all they need is an encounter with the maker.

We have been tasked by God to carry them from their state into his presence, we are blessed by God to be sign posts that direct them to Him, we have been blessed to carry people into his presence. If we are going to take people to his presence then how, anyone can sing but leading his people into his presence is a different place altogether and to start this journey we need to have

A real and personal relationship with the Lord – as worshippers and not singers our individual lives and devotional times are so important. If you have never been in His presence you will never take anyone there

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