God Promises Long Life – Watch What You Say For One Day

God gives the secrets of life in the Bible. One of these secrets is to watch what you say.

In Psalms it says:

Who is the man that desires long life

Who loves more days of seeing goodness;

Guard your tongue from evil,

and your lips from speaking deceit!

This verse in Psalms (34:13-14) is telling you that if you want to live a long life that you must Guard your tongue from evil.

What are the various evils that you must guard from.

These include:

  1. Cursing God’s Name.
  2. Swearing falsely.
  3. Speaking gossip
  4. Lying.
  5. Deceiving others and misleading them.
  6. Saying bad things about other people if if it is true.
  7. Insulting people.
  8. Getting angry when it’s for no reason.

To be careful with your words is not easy. For Superação o Milagre da Fé online some people it’s not easy to spend an entire day in which they don’t say anything mean or nasty.Everybody loves to gossip. Everybody loves to sound like they know things that they don’t really know.

If you want to follow this recipe for a long life, here’s how to start. Decide that for a whole day, you will only say nice things to other people. Commit to not saying anything nasty to any other people for an entire day.

Let’s say somebody cuts in front of you in traffic. Your usual response may be to yell at them. But then, you are just increasing the stress that you experience as well as the other person. Instead, you can follow God’s recipe. Don’t say anything bad. Guard your tongue from evil. Instead, just say nothing. If you practice that you will get two benefits. You will feel less stress. Plus, you will be following God’s recipe for a long life. If you practice that every day, then you will be more God like.

There are other situations too, when you can be careful with what you say. If you get bad service at a store. How about if somebody yells at you?


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